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GoSmart APN Settings | Step By Step Process

GoSmart APN Settings is an Access point settings that also the user to connect the internet. There many reasons if your internet is not working, Primary you have check if the GoSmart APN Setting is correctly configured or not. So here we providing some guidance for GoSmart APN, how to set up these settings on phone.

Here we would like to give some instructions below to setup apn settings for GoSmart just follow the steps. If you need apn settings for GoSmart, you need a some set values to communicate with network internet and mms. So you have to insert those values properly for allowing us to connect internet. Therefore here the solution to setup GoSmart MVNO settings.

GoSmart APN Settings

Step to Setup GoSmart APN Settings

  • Name: GoSmart or you can also just use T-Mobile
  • APN: multibrand
  • Proxy: Not Required
  • Port: Not Required
  • Username: Not Required
  • Password: Not Required
  • Server: Not Required
  • MMSC: http://gsmt.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc
  • MMS proxy: leave it blank
  • MMS port: leave it blank
  • MCC: 310
  • MNC: 260

Authentication type: Not Required or just use the default value shown or if you have an Android phone that shows Internet + MMS you can use this option.

GoSmart APN Settings – Step by Step configuration:

Here the step by step process to how to setup GoSmart APN Setting. Just Follow the below steps to how to configure the Apn Settings on your mobile.

  1.  Settings>More>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Menu> 
  2. If you have an iPhone or iPad:  Setup > General > Network > Mobile Data
  3. Please make sure you Delete any existing APN to avoid conflicts and then reboot the phone.
  4. create a New APN and enter the GoSmart APN Setting
  5. Fill the above configure details in it and save it.
  6. Now restart the Android mobile and test it.
  7. Now it will be work.

Note:  Please copy the above setting as it is, If it is a comma, use a comma, if there are no spaces between the comma and other words, then don’t make spaces between them. If you don’t follow this advice, your APN settings will not work properly, and your internet or MMS sendings will not work.


I expect that you get the solution for GoSmart APN Setting issues. Therefore If still not get the clear answer for GoSmart APN preferences in Android, please the comment below on your own issue. We will provide the solution if at all possible. We will upgrade more GoSmart APN Settings. Of course, if you enjoy this guide or whether you get the answer please discuss social media and your Friends they may find a solution too. Keep seeing technoshots for further updates.