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How to Download JW Player Videos [ Working 2020 ]

How to Download JW Player Videos? The JW player framework provides streaming flash videos. Although the JW Player does not provide a Clip download option. So many people were facing problems in downloading the JW Player videos. There are many ways of downloading a JW Player video. Here I am going to teach you a few methods to download JW Player videos Efficiently in simple methods.

Today I am going to discuss with you how to download the JW player. Nowadays most people don’t know anything about the JW player. I will give a brief explanation about the JW player and later I will explain how to download the JW player.

How to Download JW Player Videos

What is a JW player?

JW is named after the founder Jeroen Wijering. The JW Player is a platform that supports all types of video formats, which means it will also support html5 supported videos and also Flash videos. Before Google Takeover the youtube all the youtube videos were played with JW player or with JW player plugin. So without boring you guys, I will explain how to download JW player videos.

And I will show you guys three methods that will work effectively and efficiently for downloading a JW Player Videos. In Order to download JW player videos, we don’t need any type of JW Player Software.

I am going to show you the steps to download a JW player videos, Just follow the instructions.

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Method 1: How to download JW Player videos using Inspect Element on Google Chrome:

  • To get started, open up the web page where the video you wish to download is located. Make sure to use Google Chrome to stream the video.
  • Right-click on the page itself (not the video).
  • From the drop-down list, find and choose “Inspect Element” or just “Inspect.” This will open a box on the right side of the page.
  • Go to “Network” and select “Media.”
  • Allow your video to play for a few seconds so that it shows up on the list.
  • Look for the .mp4 file or video file link in the Media list.
  • Right-click on the file link.
  • Choose “Open in new tab” from the drop-down menu.
  • You will be taken to a new tab and the video will begin downloading.

Method 2: How to download the Firefox add-on or extension needed:

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox.
  • Click on the menu (the three parallel lines found on the top-right corner of the browser).
  • From the drop-down menu, choose “Options.” This will open a settings window.
  • Scroll down and look for “Extensions & Themes.” Select that.
  • On the search box, type “Flash Video Downloader” and press enter.
  • Look for and select “Flash Video Downloader – YouTube HD Download [4K].”
  • Click “Add to Firefox.”
  • Confirm the extension by clicking “Add” again.
  • Click “OK” after the prompt confirming the successful addition to Firefox.
  • Close Firefox.

Procedures / Methods For How to Download JW Player Videos:

As I have told before there are many methods won’t work nowadays for Downloading the JW Player videos. So, I am going to come up with three best methods to download JW Player Videos.

  1. Download JW Player Videos Through Real Player.
  2. By using the View Page Info method.
  3. By Inspecting the Elements.

So, these are the three possible best methods we can download the JW Player Videos. In order to download, we don’t need any type of Software requirements for your devices.

download jw player videos firefox

Just follow the Steps One by One

  • First, go to the video which you want to download.
  • Right-click on the page.
  • Then click on the inspect elements
  • Elements page will be displayed
  • Now select Network and click on Media.
  • Play the video for a few seconds
  • There will be an mp4 video link in the media section.
  • Right-click on the link and copy the link.
  • Paste it into New Browsing Window.

This is the way we download the JW Player Video without using any external software. this is one of the three best methods to download JW Player Videos.

By using the View Page Info Method:

The second best method to download the JW player method is view page info…

  • Open a video you want to download
  • Right-click on the page and select the View Page Info.
  • Click on the media and scroll down to find the media file in the box.
  • Click on it and select Save as an option.

This is another method to download a JW Player Video.

Method 3:  Download JW Player through Real Player

This is the third method where one can understand and make this method useful to download JW Player Videos.

jw player downloader free download

In order to download the video, you need to have Real player application software.

  • Download and install the Real Player.
  • Open and Run the Real Player.
  • Such on the program menu, click on the Tools option and select the preferences.
  • Click on the download button and the recording option is available in the Category menu.
  • Wait until the pop up appear
  • Now select the storage location to download the Flash Video by selecting the browse button. Save the files to the respected folder.
  • Select the box to read enable web downloading and recording.
  • Open Browser and access the Page of download JW player successfully.
  • We can find the downloaded video through the JW Player video downloader and finally click on the download button.
  • So, that the pop window will appear and let you in continuing the JW Player video process and after completion of the download.

Method 4: Download JW Player Videos using IDM

Using an Internet download manager (IDM) is one of the best methods to download any kind of video that is placed on websites. IDM can Deduct videos on the web page that you are playing, now you can download JW player videos. It is the best jw player video downloader. Downloading the video through IDM is as simple as that. However, here are the steps:

Step 1: Download and install IDM on your computer. [Download IDM]

Step 2: Open the web page where videos are hosted by JW Player.

Step 3: Start the video and you will find “Download this video” option right above the video.

Step 4: Click on that download button and it will pop-up a download prompt as depicted below.

Step 5: Tap on “Start Download” and it will start downloading. That’s it!

download jw player videos


All the methods above are very understandable to how to download JW player videos and easy, also we can download the videos other software applications but they are a little bit complex not as much flexibility as able methods. Hopefully, some of the users might experience video downloading much more easily. If you face any problem while downloading the videos. Just comment on us we will help you in a better manner. Thank you hope you enjoy.

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