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Do You Need DroidSheep download? Droidsheep Apk is an Android Application that Analyzes the security of the wireless network, and it allows you to track the session cookies over the network. That means you can capture the others web session and profiles of a person who is connected to the same network.

Using Droidsheep Apk you can track another person’s web data and profiles who are using the same WiFi that your android device is connected to the same router.

DroidSheep download

How does DroidSheep download apk Works?

When we open the app and press start button in DroidSheep it will acts as a router to monitor the data and intercept all the network traffic (if you enabled ARP spoofing) and then display active session profiles for the user in the same network. DroidSheep need root android mobile.

App name  DroidSheep Apk
Package ID  de.trier.infsec.koch.droidsheep-15
Current Version  Build 15
Developer  Andreas Koch
Size  303KB
Android Requires  2.3 and up (Root Required)

How to Use DroidSheep Download Apk:

First of all, you mainly need is a rooted mobile to use this application. So make sure that your mobile is rooted are not, for use DroidSheep download, if yes let proceed.

Sorry, I forgot that mention that you need to connect the same wifi network to monitor others data.

  • Download Droidsheep apk from Google Android play store, and now install it.
  • Now open the application, now you see this window
  • And now click tick mark on ARP spoofing ( DroidSheep will act as a router and intercept all the network traffic) & Generic mode( It listens for any cookie, not only for the sites you know ).
  •  Now click on start button.
  • wait 1 minute to make that process clear.
  •  Now you can see all the user list connect to the same network, see below Screenshot.DroidSheep
  • And then tap a session to select the user that you need to monitor the session.DroidSheep download
  • In above screen, you may see two colors green, yellow.
  • Green means, we know the sites tracking is possible.
  • Yellow means, we found generic cookies and tracking might be possible.
  • In the screen, you can see multiple options like
  • Open Site: opens a browser for using the session.
  • Remove from List: Removes the session from the list.
  • Add host to blacklist :  Prevent capturing cookies from this server in future
  • Export via email: Send the cookie values via mail
  • Save Cookies: Save the cookie’s data to reuse them later.
  • Open mobile site: If the available open mobile version of the site.DroidSheep download

Note: is not responsible for any damage caused by droidsheep or it’s usage.Use this application at your own risk. In some countries, the usage of droidsheep for stealing identity might be prohibited by law, Use it only if you know what you’re doing


DroidSheep download is just for tracking purposes only on use it for any another unauthorized access to other person’s online accounts or to harm anybody in any way, You should only use it to analyze your personal network security and determine the poor security properties of the network connections without encryption.

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